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Welcome to the world of TVDM Equestrian!


Our name is inspired by an extraordinary horse, Tornado Van De Meyhoeve D'02 (TVDM), born in 1996 in Belgium. TVDM was a horse with great strength, but what made him truly special was his generous heart and sweet personality.


What fascinated us were not only its competitive results, but its timeless authenticity. TVDM wasn't just a horse in the past, it still is today and always will be. His vitality will never be erased, even if other pairs will wear his products, bearing his name.


Every jewel comes from a story, and we started from passion and love. Now, this story continues with you, your horses and your experiences, illuminating your path with light and brilliance.


Being a champion doesn't just mean winning, but having character and style. Standing out has never been easier.


We create products full of personality, beauty and shine. Our elegance and refinement are represented by the crystals that we use with care and skill.


Our distinction lies in quality. We are here to make your dreams come true.


Be yourself and discover your TVDM style