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Welcome to the world of TVDM Equestrian!

Our first customers asked us exactly what TVDM meant, yet there is no particular definition.

It is the name of a horse, Tornado Van De Meyhoeve D’02 (TVDM) born in 1996 in Belgium, characterized by its great strength, powerful and full of personality and sweetness.

What won us over was not his competitive results, but his heart. He was not a horse only yesterday, he is today and he will be forever, his vitality will not be erased if other names wear his products engraved with his name.

Being a champion doesn't just mean winning, it means having character and fabric: knowing how to distinguish yourself will never have been so simple.

We create products rich in personality, beauty and shine, in which elegance and finesse are represented thanks to the crystals we use.

What sets us apart is quality.

We are the representation of your dreams.

Be yourself and find your TVDM Style