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Aurora coblack LIMITED EDITION

  • Brands TVDM EQ
  • Product Code: LE000002
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Aurora Coblack 5 Row LIMITED EDITION is a new model from June 2021. Availability is limited. It is composed of the following crystals:

- first and fifth row: Crystal Cobalt

- second and fourth row: Northern Lights

- middle row: black jet

The model is recommended for Knights and Amazons who love the combination of elegance and simplicity. Recommended for those who do not like opulence.

One thing is certain: it is impossible not to get noticed.

It is possible to combine it with any horse coat and complete saddle pad-bonnet.

TVDM creates products to make each combination unique.

It is taken care of in every detail, each crystal is set and pressed to avoid wear as much as possible.

TVDM is the brand of elegance, finesse and class. Choose the quality

Delivery and Returns
Shipment Product availability is immediate. From the moment of purchase, your order will be delivered in 24-48h (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). For more information you can contact us via Email: For emergencies you can send a message on Whatsapp to the number +39 346 3685187
Return Policy Our browbands are subject to a 70-day guarantee against damage caused by premature wear. There are NO EXPECTED returns for wrong colors or after 70 days from purchase.
Product Details
Crystal size First row: 3mm Second row: 3mm Middle row: 6mm Fourth row: 3mm Fifth row: 3mm

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