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Ivory pearls 1 Row

  • Brands TVDM EQ
  • Product Code: CL000044
  • Availability: In Stock


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The Ivory Pearls 1 Row model is made with a double padding in soft leather.

The single row of Ivory pearls is framed by stitching to match the dark brown or black leather.

The story of each TVDM browband is the product of a long journey: it starts with an idea, you start sketching a drawing, and then move on to the workforce.

It is not a simple jewel or harness, but the proof of a continuous search for inimitable details.

Ivory pearls 1 row is suitable for all pairs who love the class of a bright model in its elegance and simplicity.

The product is finely studied in all its parts and is the result of imagination and passion for horse riding and for the whole world that revolves around it.

Each TVDM browband is made on the basis of dreams, fantasies and precision work.

Delivery and Returns
Shipment The product is in Preorder. From the moment of purchase, your order will come between the last week of October and the first of November (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). For more information you can contact us by Email: For emergencies you can send a message on Whatsapp to the number +39 346 3685187
Return Policy Our browbands are subject to a 70-day guarantee against damage caused by premature wear. There are NO EXPECTED returns for wrong colors or after 70 days from purchase.

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