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Officinalis Electrolyte L-Glicine

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Elettrolity L-glycine is a nutritional supplement for horses that, thanks to its balanced mineral composition, provides rapid water and salt sweat replenishment in compliance with the natural osmotic balance.

Characteristics: The high concentration of L-glycine allows a better absorption of electrolytes, while the integration with calcium and magnesium provides additional protection during prolonged workouts. Elettroliti L-glycine is suitable in all those moments in which it is necessary to quickly restore the salt water balance.

Directions for use: It is advisable to administer 30 ml of Electrolyte L-Glycine, added to cereals or feed, to a horse of 500 kg live weight.

1kg pack

The L-Glycine electrolyte supplement contains the following substances:

Magnesium: it is an important mineral as it favors the assimilation of carbohydrates,

fats and proteins and intervenes in the use of calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Ensures the electrical stability of cells, the integrity of cell membranes, conductivity

of nerve cells. He is involved in energy production at the cellular level

and in the contractility of muscle tissues.

A loss of magnesium leads to tremors, nervousness and neuromuscular irritability.

Potassium: it is a mineral that intervenes in many enzymatic processes.

Together with sodium it regulates the acid base balance, the osmotic cell pressure and the neuromuscular excitability.

In particular it regulates the activity of the cardiac muscle, of the S.N. and kidney. The loss of potassium therefore reduces the neuromuscular functions, but also the ability of the small premuscular arteries to dilate adequately,

also causing muscle hypoxia and the onset of tying-up.

Calcium: it is a mineral salt which, in association with PHOSPHORUS, is essential for the normal skeletal development of horses and the contractility of muscle tissues. Excessive loss of this ion, following intense training, can cause muscle contractions, spasms and tetany.

-Sodium chloride

- Sodium Citrate

- Potassium chloride

-Potassium Citrate

-Magnesium Citrate

-Magnesium chloride 4,500 mg.

- Sodium phosphate 33.750 mg.

- Calcium Chloride 33.750 mg.


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