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Tri Tec 14 Insect Repellent

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Tri-Tec 14 946 Ml Insect Repellent Insecticide is a repellent spray with sun filter.

Tri-Tec 14 is a special insect repellent for horses that repels flies, horseflies, and other ectoparasites up to 14 days after application.

In fact, horses that live outdoors or in stables are often bothered by numerous ectoparasites whose elimination is very difficult; this especially during the hot season when massive infestations cause considerable disturbance to the animals. To protect them it is necessary to treat both the environment and the animal with effective products and low toxicity.


Characteristics: The activity of Tri-Tec 14 is guaranteed by the composition that combines the immediate action of natural pyrethrins (extracted from the flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium), to that most protracted in time by the pyrethroids. Cypermethrin, a synthetic analogue with a CN group, acting by altering the permeability of the membrane of nerve cells, causes an immediate paralysis on the insect. Pyrethrum and its synthetic derivatives, despite having a very low toxicity to the animal, perform an excellent antiparasitic action that is implemented by direct contact with the parasites, thus limiting the numerous pathologies, not least the allergic reactions, deriving from the contact or from their bites. Tri-Tec 14 also contains a sunscreen that protects the active ingredients from the degradation of sunlight, without causing skin irritation. Avoid spraying the product on the head in the direction of the eyes, nose and mouth, where it is advisable to use the specific Roll-On product and on the small wounds and abrasions that can be protected with the Swat Ointment insect repellent cream. To control the ectoparasites it is not enough to treat only the horse, but also to act on the environment with targeted products such as Overkill, Fly Terminator and Horse Lice Duster that allow you to limit the contact between pests and animals.

How to use: Shake well before use. Before applying the product, brush the coat against the grain to remove dirt and dust. Spray the Tri-Tec 14 evenly over the entire body. After a first application, repeat the treatment after 7 days. Next, apply the product every 14 days or after each time the animal is washed.

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